Waking Up in Rome

Waking Up in Rome

We had quite a day yesterday – the day we arrived in Rome. We flew Ryanair from Catania to Rome. Ryanair is a very inexpensive airline that flies in Europe. If we didn’t mind getting in late to Rome we could have had tickets for €9.99. We didn’t want to get in late so our tickets from Sicily to Rome were €27.00. But they have strict rules about luggage. We paid an extra €50 for two pieces of luggage. They had to weigh less than 25 kilos and 15 kilos. ( just multiply by 2.2 to get pounds.) Karen and Doug paid for extra baggage too. Our carry ons had to fit a certain size and weight. We were so nervous trying to get everything just right. Karen had quite a few pounds of sea glass. (We found a beach on Ortigia that had unbelievable sea glass.). She had sea glass in her coat pockets, everywhere. When everything passed the weight and size tests in Catania we were SO relieved! Our flight went well and we figured out how to get to our convent. The only problem was we got to the convent and they had no record of us. There was no computer to check and a very kind elderly nun kept talking rapid Italian to me and I had no clue except for “mi dispiace” (I’m sorry.) she called a nun who spoke English who explained they were full. Then she talked to the first non English speaking nun. In the end the dear nun lead all four of us out the door and along three or four blocks (we made a nice little luggage parade led by a nun) to a monastery where they had a two room suite with a bathroom. We needed five nights, we could get that for three. They were so nice to us! We got on the web and after awhile we pushed a button on Priceline and ended up at a wonderful Holiday Inn Express for four nights. Our first night at the monastery was great and if we’d had two bathrooms and could stay five nights we would have stayed there. After all this was resolved, we asked the receptionist for a recommendation for dinner and he sent us to a great neighborhood place. We needed a little wine and food! All’s well that ends well!

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