Al and Doug Went Fishing

It was a beautiful morning.  Al and Doug left early to go fishing. They had lined up the trip last week. The weather was perfect, but the fishing wasn’t.  The expedition wasn’t what they expected. They did enjoy being out on the water and seeing Malta’s shore from the sea.

Karen and I took it easy here at the flat. We sat out in the sun on our balcony – it felt so good. We had our lunch out there too.  It was so nice to take a day off from the work of touristing!  We went to our little local grocers and stocked up on food and got supplies to make supper.

We made schnitzel (Ingrid), potatoes (Doug), mushroom sauce (Al), and super salad (Karen).  It was a group venture and we had fun cooking and eating. Then we played a game of cards. Another good day.

No really good pictures of anything. 🙂 

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