A Day in Valletta

A Day in Valletta

Today we learned to take the bus which was so simple. We each bought a pass that we can use all week and go anywhere on the bus. It cost €6.50 each! That’s $9.00. So reasonable.
We then used our bus pass to go to Valletta. Valletta is the capital of Malta. We spent a long time in the National Museum of Archeology. The history on Malta goes back so far and there were artifacts from 5600 BC. We really took our time. It gave us the background for all the sites we’ll be visiting. After lunch in a cafe, we visited St. Paul’s Shipwreck Church. It was beautiful with incredible art and sculptures! Exhausted, we walked back to the bus stop and rode home. We had a Turkish Kebob made with chicken and lamb for supper, with some Maltese wine. It was a good day!

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