Saturday in Paris.

Today was our day to start seeing museums. After breakfast at our hotel we headed downtown on the Metro.  We headed to the Louvre. We started with the biggest!  And it is big! We  couldn’t see it all so we headed to the the Italian Renaissance painters, because of course we wanted to see the Mona Lisa. We did and she hadn’t changed her expression at all from the copies we’d seen. 🙂  We saw so many beautiful old paintings. It’s amazing. The fact that these paintings are so incredibly old and are still so well preserved is hard to believe. After a good amount of time in the Louvre we decided to have lunch. We found such a delicious lunch down a side street near the Orsay. 

Next we went to the Orsay.  You can buy a museum pass in Paris that gets you into almost all the major museums. It’s 39€, but saved us money. Ours was for two days. Best of all, in most places we were spared the long lines to buy tickets and could just go right in.  We really enjoyed the paintings at the Orsay  Here we were seeing a lot of the impressionist paintings. They were so much brighter, and more cheerful than the older paintings. Such a shallow observation on my part, but true. These were paintings I’d like to have hanging on my walls at home.  Wouldn’t we all?

We decided that we were museumed out for the day. We headed to the Sainte Chapelle. This is a second cathedral on the same island as the Notre Dame.  It’s not as big as the Notre Dame, but has incredibly huge, intricate stained glass windows.  See the picture. 🙂

For dinner we found a wonderful small cafe, recommended by our friend Rick Steves, on Ill St. Louis. Cafe Med had a three course meal for 13€. It was terrific!  

We had a great day. What I really have forgotten to mention about our time in Paris so far, is that by the end of the day on Saturday we had literally walked miles and miles. We were exhausted by the time we got back to our hotel each night. It was worth every bit of exhaustion!

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