Another Regular Day in Germany

Today began with our walk through town. It’s a good climb. We’ll move back to paths when things are less muddy. This walk takes us by our favorite bakery. That’s trouble, but we share.

I’ve been needing a jacket. Karin has been letting me use one of hers. Today we went downtown to get a jacket at the store where Karin works. I found one I like. It was so fun to look at the things in the store. We walked through the downtown and realized what a very wonderful city Saarbrucken is. They have so many interesting stores. One is called TK Maxx and it is a TJ Maxx. Just the same. I’m going to have fun checking out the city. 

Tonight Al had practice. He’s just getting home at ten. He’s pleased with how it went!  “The kids work hard and bless their hearts they like to practice.”

Tomorrow we’re taking a day trip to Colmar, France. We read about it in our books and it looks like a beautiful place! 

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