Thursday Afternoon

After we finished touring the Vatican, we found a nice cafe for lunch. By now it was after three so we walked back to the monastery to get our luggage and make our move.  We don’t often take taxis – we use public transportation – but when we have luggage we make an exception. We took a cab and we moved from the northwest part of Rome to the southeast part. We saw a lot of places we want to go see as we watched out of the cab.  

We love the Holiday Inn Express!  We are so thankful to have a nice place to stay. We get a nice breakfast with our room each morning.  We have all we need and more and the location works!

After resting and unpacking, we went to the Trastevere section of Rome.  It’s lively, fun, and the prices are better than in other parts of Rome.  The cafe we found was small and packed. We rehashed our first full day in Rome and agreed how thankful we were to get a great place to stay at a great price!  We are thankful!

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