Our Very Able Boat that Got Us through Rough Seas

Our Very Able Boat that Got Us through Rough Seas

We planned to stay on Lipari until Tuesday, but Monday morning when we checked on the ferry schedule for Tuesday, we found out that the seas were rough and only one more ferry would leave on Monday and no ferries would be going Tuesday because of predicted winds. So we bought tickets and headed back to pack.
We had quite the ride through very high rolling seas, but our captain did well. They wouldn’t let anyone sit in front because it would be too bumpy. They gave everyone who wanted one a plastic bag. Thanks to Dramamine none of us got sick. It was really a beautiful ride. The swells were so high, they looked like small mountain ranges. I loved it. The sun was out, so it didn’t seem ominous.
We got safely back to Ortigia. We were happy to see Karen and Doug who had decided to stay home.

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