Archimedes Burial Site

Archimedes Burial Site

We couldn’t get close, but we thought it was interesting anyway.
We were disappointed at all the sites because we didn’t get any information – no sign, no brochures. We would have loved to be able to read about each site.
We walked back to our flat and then went to dinner at a lovely little restaurant on a street not more than 5 or six feet wide, but so cute! We had a great meal!
Today Saturday we’ve been to the market, walked and found a beach FULL of sea glass. Karen, Bonnie and I loved it. Now we have to sort and select because it’s heavy!
Have a very wonderful Easter everyone! We’ll be listening to a Catholic Service in Italian. Last year Al and I were in a cathedral in Mons, Belgium. We froze. I think we’ll be warmer tomorrow.

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