On the Street Where We Live

On the Street Where We Live

We arrived in Ortigia about 10:00 am or so. Our taxi driver brought us to the island and parked in the area we thought we should be. He got out with us and we spent a long time walking the maze of streets to find our flat. Even the policeman couldn’t help and the taxi driver was calling our flat owner. Well, Ortigia really is a maze and we finally found our place – on this street! There are many streets narrower than this. It’s an old island – the buildings are old!
Our flat is nice though. We have three bedrooms with three bathrooms and its been updated. (The Pfeffers arrive on Tuesday for the third room.). But, no wi- fi. So blogging is a little more complicated and keeping in touch with everyone. But we’re working out systems. We are getting to know which cafes have wifi. We drink a lot of coffee to use the Internet. 🙂
We did a lot of exploring on Friday and napping since we got up at four am for the ferry!

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