On one of our first tours around the island, the tour guide pointed out the largest cemetery on Malta and said it was an interesting place to walk around. Karen and I thought that sounded like a good idea, not so much the men.
Yesterday Doug went golfing, while Al had to stay around to wait for a postman to come. We mailed home a box of things to keep the weight of our suitcases down.
So Karen and I took the bus to the cemetery and spent some time wandering around. It was very interesting and there were lovely sculptures on many graves. There were also little chapels built by families. Some were quite beautiful. Karen and I now know which last names are most common on the island. We really enjoyed our explorations.
Last night we all walked the promenade and stopped at a small place to have dinner.
After waiting all afternoon, the postal service finally came and picked up the package. Doug played golf on a course that was 125 years old. It was built by the British. Karen says Doug is trying to play every golf course in the world.
We had a good day. (Al didn’t mind being tied down because he’s reading a trilogy about WWII.)

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