The Bus Ride

The Bus Ride

Getting home from the temples was a challenge. The buses were small and few and far between. The first bus was full when it came. After waiting awhile another one arrived crowded with people. Doug whipped open the front door and climbed in next to the driver. Karen and I ended up sitting on a center padded engine cover. There was no back and nothing to hold on to. Al got the last pull down seat in the middle of the aisle. So safe!
We made it to another bus stop further along the way. Our bus driver spotted a regular bus ahead of us he and honked and honked. When that bus stopped at the next stop with us right behind – most of the people jumped off the little bus and gratefully found seats on the regular bus. Not only were we on a big bus with safer seats, we were now headed the direction we needed to go! We all breathed a sigh of relief.
The buses work well in the busier parts of the island. When we venture to the south or west we hold our breath hoping buses will come to get us back to our flat!

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