Another Interesting Day

We had a little rain today and wind, but we still had a great day. Karen and I did some grocery shopping this morning. Then we all headed out on the bus to go to the Malta at War Museum. We knew that Malta was the most bombed site during WWII.  This museum helped us understand what the people here had been through.  Malta is in such a strategic location that all through history people have tried to get control of the island. During WWII Malta was part of England. The Germans needed to get control of the island to be able to get supplies to their troups in Africa.  They dropped more than 16,000 tons of bombs on the island. The museum had videos, photographs and lots of memorabilia.  The way that the Maltese people survived was in caves dug out of the limestone.  They dug extensive systems in the limestone and when the sirens went off people went underground. It was safe, but not so pleasant. We went through a small system of the underground caves the other day in Rabat, but today we went through a much more complex area. There was a birthing room – just a room with a white table and a crib, and a room for surgery that was very bare. The tunnels went on and on in so many directions.  The people might be down there for a few hours to a few days.  They often had their own little space, but nothing to make it appealing or comfortable. Even so, they never gave up and are the only country to have been awarded the George Cross by Britain for their bravery.  

After our tour of the museum we headed back to Sliema where we had dinner reservations. We had a delicious dinner and took our time. We’re trying to eat more slowly like the Europeans. Then we took the bus back to a stop near our flat. 

We meet such interesting people on the buses. Today we met a young couple from Lithuania.  They were on vacation, or on holiday, as they say here, with their 14 month old daughter.  All the people we meet speak at least two languages, often more. It’s impressive. 

1 thought on “Another Interesting Day

  1. Your days are So amazing! The fact is, I know very little about the history of the area and its people. We are getting a history lesson 🙂

    Continue the journey!

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