Lunch Today


We were in Valletta today. We had lunch overlooking the Grand Harbor of Valletta. It was so warm today in the sun.
After lunch, Al and I went to a Hypogeum in Paola, Malta. This is one of the world’s top archaeological sites. It dates back to 3600 BC. It is an underground system of caves that were dug out so long ago. There are drawings on the walls and ceilings. The bones from about 7000 people who were buried there have been found at this site. They only let 80 people tour each day. They keep the number of people low to keep the levels of carbon dioxide low. High levels can damage the walls and ceilings. It was dark down there too. The low lighting inhibits the growth of algae in the damp caves. The tour was carefully done.

After our tour we met Karen and Doug back in St. Julian’s (near our apartment) to try a new restaurant. We all had good food. I forgot to take a picture – well it wasn’t that beautiful – but the lamb kabobs were delicious!

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