The Maltese Philharmonic Orchestra playing the Music of Queen

The Maltese Philharmonic Orchestra Playing the Music of Queen

This was our second event of the day. We all agreed that this concert was one of the best we’d ever been to. The musicians were excellent and they had video above the orchestra of the band Queen. They ended with “We Are the Champions!” We all loved it! The building where we were was impressive too. We were in Valletta.

Again we’ve been meeting such interesting people. Doug and Karen had people next to them from Malta with a friend from South Africa. Next to Al was a Brit. He and his wife had just published a book. His wife is Russian. We also met people from Ireland. We’ve still met only two Americans – a businessman here on business and a student here from Connecticut. We’re off the beaten track.

1 thought on “The Maltese Philharmonic Orchestra playing the Music of Queen

  1. What a day!!! From a palace of manly knights to a night of music with “queen”. Have to know, did you think of UMM Richie G when they played the last song? Maybe even sang along. Isn’t fun to meet so many from all over the world……continue with these great pics and stories.

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