The Palazzo Falson

The Palazzo Falson

This was a historic home (the second oldest building in Mdina and that means OLD.) Parts of the building date back to the 13th century. In the early 16th century the home was inherited by Vice Admiral Vincent Falsone. In 1927 Captain Olof Frederick Gollcher bought the home. He was a researcher, artist and philanthropist. He had incredible collections. When he died the home was left to deteriorate. In 2001 the Maltese Heritage Foundation rescued the home and put all Captain Gollcher’s collections on display. It was so interesting. He collected so many beautiful and priceless objects. The art was impressive and that was just the start. We loved it. The objects were on display throughout the house. The tour took us through the rooms of the house with the furniture and the collections. The picture is the courtyard of the home.

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