Tuesday, September 24th

Al and I got home Wednesday evening after a smooth and on time flight across the Atlantic.  It was sad to leave Germany, but exciting to get back to the US.  On the Sunday before we left, Al’s dad fell and broke his hip.  So when we landed we went straight to the hospital to see him. We are so thankful to be back here now and to be able to spend time with him.  He was in the hospital in Minneapolis.  Then last Friday he was transferred to the hospital in Montevideo.  This morning he moved to the nursing home here in Montevideo for rehab.  We are all hopeful that he can eventually get back to his own apartment.  Everyone is amazed by his capabilities at the age of 100.

Seeing our children and grandchildren is at the top of our list of priorities. We’ve seen our Minneapolis families and are going to head east to see our Michigan and Ohio families next.  (Tiffany was out of town with work, but we hope we see her soon.)

It’s all an adventure and we are excited to see where the adventure leads next.  For the time being we want to see Al’s dad get well, and spend time with our children and their families and with the rest of our family.   We want to spend time at home and see friends we’ve missed. That will be plenty of adventure for now!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, September 24th

  1. Welcome back to Minnesota. We look forward to getting together, but know you have many family to see again. So sorry to hear about your Dad Al…wow what a guy. My Mom is living in a condo in the Cities now and loves it. She will be traveling up here today to PR for the weekend in Moorhead. We will call you or call us when you can get together for a meal etc. Again welcome back and the best I to Ing. ..Chuck and Kathleen

  2. So sorry to read this about Ing, but glad that he is responding well and is back in Montevideo. Sure hope his healing goes well and he can continue to be mobile and active. Enjoy your family time!

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