Our Last Week in Saarbrucken

It’s Tuesday night.  Our bags are packed. Our suitcases are bulging and our carry ons will be full. Tomorrow morning we will be driving to Frankfort to catch the flight home. It seems as though we’ve been gone a long time and yet the time here has flown by.  What adventures we’ve had!  We have loved Germany, but especially this area of Saarbrucken.  We’ve walked just about every day thank goodness because there are so many ways to gain weight here!  The  breads, pastries, chocolates, wine, beer, schnitzel, spatzle, pommes de frit, flammkuchen, and so much more. The people are friendly and helpful.  We are close to beautiful, beautiful places.  We’ve loved the German festivals!  There are so many castles – all different.  There is so much we’ll miss. 

The football has been its own separate experience. That’s given another dimension to our time here. We’ve had Brad, then Dan, then Larry who all came and helped as long as they could. We’re so grateful to each of them.  The players have been so special.  They are a team that never quit, even when things were so difficult. They improved as the year went on in so many ways.  There weren’t always many of them, but they rose to challenges and made it a season we’ll never forget!

So thank you Saarbrucken/Gersweiler/Ottenhausen!  We had one last schnitzel meal last night with the Kellers. They have taken incredibly good care of us.  We appreciate that so much!  We are going to miss everyone and everything!

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