Last Friday

On Friday last week we decided to take one last excursion in Germany. Al and Larry were ready for the game. So after our walk and breakfast at Waskau, we headed to Heidelberg. We hadn’t been there, but we had heard that it is a beautiful town. It is!  I’ll be posting pictures after I write this. It’s an old university town. We were told that Heidelberg University is one of the oldest universities in  Germany. The town is tucked between the Neckar River and steep, tall hills behind it. There’s an old castle high up on the hill overlooking the town.  After exploring awhile we had lunch downtown  and we were able to sit outside – no rain and not too cold. Then we drove home.

We met Tobias, Torsten and Heike in Saarbrucken for dinner. We had great steaks!  We got to sit outside there too and be on the square in the older part of Saarbrucken. It was a treat!  Al and Larry love sitting there on the square watching people.  We enjoyed the evening.

The next day was Saturday – game day. I’ve already blogged about our game which was so much fun!  It was wonderful to finish with three straight wins and everyone was happy.  Al and Larry really enjoyed working with the team.  They both feel the team has made a lot of progress and can look forward to winning lots more games.  It’s been a wonderful experience. 

Sunday morning we were up at four thirty to take Larry to the airport in Frankfurt.  We were so thankful that Larry could come!  We had a great time with him.  We’re glad he can be back at home with Connie now. 

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