Monday Morning

This morning the Alsteads and the Wagners left for home.  It’s been a quiet day around the flat.  We had such fun with them. For their final evening in Saarbrucken we all went to a Greek restaurant downtown. There was a lot of story telling and laughter along with our great Greek food. Then we went to the schnitzel restaurant so the Wagners and Alsteads could say goodby to their new friend Heike at the restaurant. We had a lot more laughs and fun. At the end of the evening Heike and Peter put on fifties music and we had a couple dances in the restaurant. It was memorable! 🙂

Today as it usually is on Mondays Al and Larry were glued to their computer screens studying film from our last game and then beginning to study films of the next opponent.  Our last game is against Stuttgart.  The coach for Stuttgart is Paul Schudel who is responsible for our being in Saarbrucken. He told Al about this job. Paul took the job in Stuttgart.  The Schudel’s son lives in Stuttgart with his wife and children. Years ago Al and Larry coached against Paul. Paul was the head coach at Ball State when we were at Western Michigan. Al and Paul were always friends.  Even so Al and Larry will do their best to coach us to a win!


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