Another Castle

On Tuesday we drove to Annweiler, Germany to see Burg Trifels.  The castle is built unbelievably high on a hill that drops down on all sides. When we got to the parking lot and got out and looked up – I thought “No way!”. It was so high above us.  But Chuck, Shirley, Jerry and Marla Jean said let’s do it!  Chuck, who is 82, led the way!  The path wove back and forth and soon we were getting close. There were a few steep areas, but we made it to the castle!  

Then we discovered that this was a castle full of steps!!  In each room we came to we’d look around and there would be more stairs to climb!  We kept going. We made it to the very top. The views were spectacular in every direction. This castle has the distinction of having had King Richard the Lionhearted as a prisoner there for two months – until someone paid a large ransom.  We can’t imagine how they built this castle so high on this mountain so long ago. 

When we got back down to the town of Annweiler, we found a cafe where we could sit and recover from all that climbing!  We had beautiful weather – nice and clear, but a little warm. The beers and flammkuchen tasted good!

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