Thursday – the Black Forest

This was our longest trip so far. We headed south to Baden Baden where the Schwartzwaldhochstrasse begins. (That’s such a long word. It means the Black Forest High Road.). It winds along a high ridge through the forest and there are spectacular views. Unfortunately although it was sunny, it was hazy so our views weren’t great. 

We drove until we came to a place called the Mummelsee. It’s a small lake high in the mountains and there are always so many people there. People are rowing, paddling in paddle boats, hiking, and just enjoying being outdoors. There are some shops and places to eat and drink. We took it all in.  We had some lunch there. 

Then we drove on to one of my favorite villages, Shiltach. We had stayed there in June with Norm and Mary. I was so happy to go back. The Alsteads and Wagners liked it too!

Then we headed home.  We decided to have dinner in Strasbourg, France. Driving into Strasbourg got so stressful and got so mixed up.  The navi was telling me to turn where there was no place to turn. We finally gave up and programmed in home when suddenly we were headed right towards the cathedral spire in the center of Strasbourg.. So we decided on one more try and ended up right where we wanted to be in La Petit France – a section of Strasbourg. We found a wonderful cafe, right by the river, with a musician singing beautifully nearby and a delicious dinner!  I didn’t think it could have been any better. 

We got home late. Al and Larry said they were ready to call the police because we were so late. They had been home all day working on football and having practice.  They were glad to see us.  It was a great day!

2 thoughts on “Thursday – the Black Forest

  1. Ingrid, you were driving and navigating? Wow, that sounds very challenging, and difficult! You are such a brave, and multi talented lady!

    • I finally started driving about three weeks ago. It’s been easy except I didn’t like driving into a city. Marla Jean who came last Monday took over once we stopped. She has such confidence!

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