4 thoughts on “Schnitzel!

  1. HI Glad the last game was more to your liking, for a loss. Sounds like the officials over there leave lots to be desired. Wow…that food is scary good. Enjoy. We go to the Gophers this Thursday…6pm GAME…WE SET UP FOR TAILGATING AT 2PM…ha Should be fun. They play UNLV. C and K OH yes. we have a 7AM tee time….Very hot here now…90’s

  2. How much was left over? Probably had enuf for the rest of the week. Will email soon. Life has been busy and now finally slowing down. Starting to plan for Fulda…..we fly out in just 2 months from tomorrow.

    • We’re busy now too – Al with football . I’m with Evan’s inlaws and friends of theirs and ours each day. I get to be the travel guide. I’m having so much fun. I’m visiting some of my favorite places one more time. They love Germany. I’ll write more soon. Football is done in two weeks. 3 more games. We’re looking forward to home. Love, Ingrid

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