Another Trip to Verdun

Today, with football ready to go for tomorrow, we drove to Verdun, France. We’ve been here before this year, but each time we go we learn and see new things. This was the site of horrific battles in WWI.  It’s so interesting. There’s a museum, memorial, and bunkers that can be toured. Today we took the tour of the bunkers for the first time. It was so interesting and so difficult at times to listen to what had happened. War is such an incredibly awful thing as you all know. I don’t know why human beings can’t learn to prevent them. 

Tomorrow morning at six we leave for our game in Munich. We play at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon.  Wish us well. I know the players will play hard. 

2 thoughts on “Another Trip to Verdun

  1. By the time you read this you’ll know the result. Hope the ‘Canes did well. If not, go have some more ice cream. 🙂 We’re still enjoying your blog photos.

    • It’s really been better these last two games, but we still lost 28-14. It was a long day, but Al is fine. We left on the bus at 6 this morning and as I type this it’s 2:45 a.m. We played in Munich. I’m going to bed. :). I need sleep. Ingrid

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