When I wrote about our game on Saturday I was writing late at night and I wasn’t really accurate. I need to clarify. The officiating was bad, but they didn’t take two TD away. Here are just two examples of why I was upset. 

First one:  we intercepted a pass when they were driving and getting near our end zone.  After the interception the official threw a flag and blew an inadvertent whistle.  There was no reason to throw the flag. Al and Larry have studied the film.  Our player had to stop running because of the whistle. Then they took the ball away from us even though the flag was thrown after the interception and then the ref marched the ball right down near the goal line for the nonexistent penalty.  They scored. Painful and totally unfair!

Second one:  Schwabisch Hall was driving again and ran a play.  The referee standing right by the play threw a flag for holding against them. . It was obvious holding. Their player ran in for a TD and when the ref saw that, he picked up his flag. Not fun, not fair.

We also had a completed pass on the five yd line and they threw a flag against us and Al and Larry can’t see a single reason why. So it’s not fun. Our players worked so hard in that game. It’s hard to play a team that beat you 68-21 the week before.  It made it painful not to be given a fair chance. But I’ve said for years to my students “Life isn’t fair” so I better get over it!

Yesterday morning  we walked in a German French park. It’s lovely. There were all sorts of tents and stands set up and people walking around in Medieval Clothing. They were having an event. I went back in the evening when it was all open and explored.  I got a stick with grilled seasoned turkey with bread wrapped around it. So good!  I also got a terrific crepe!

The men have been working on football like crazy. Every now and then I make them get up from their computers to move around. They’re focused. 

1 thought on “Saturday

  1. Thanks for the update on the game. It does sound like the officials need to be neutal which does not sound like it is part of that leagues policies. What a mess! All is good in Minnesota. Now we are finally having summer weather again. It has been one month of temps NO HIGHER than 7a5 in Northern Minnesota….We are doing the normal summer STUFF…ha golf, some friends visiting,.. and socializing with local good friends. We certainly do enjoy your updates from Germany and we look forward to our trip next May. Chuck and Kathleen

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