The Mosel River

The Mosel River

Yesterday late morning, when the men felt they could take a break, we drove to the Mosel River valley. It is so beautiful! There are vineyards everywhere on steep, steep hillsides. We found a cafe right along the river and had a delicious lunch. When we were done, I’d liked my wine so much that I asked our waitress where we could get some. She sent us to a winery on the edge of town. We tasted a couple wines and then bought six bottles. They were so good and we got the higher quality wine the man suggested. It cost us €3.80 ($4.93) a bottle. Not bad.

2 thoughts on “The Mosel River

  1. We’re jealous. Looks very relaxing and in such a nice place. (Still can’t see why they plant their vines going up the hill instead of across the hill for erosion control, though).

    • We think we figured it out yesterday. There was a little four wheeler that drove down the hill between the vines and was spraying at the bottom of the plants. Then he would back straight up the hill and move over (there is a road at the top) and then drive straight down and then back all the way up again. If they had to do that sideways they’d tip over. That was our new theory. 🙂

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