The Latest Game

It was the most painful game yet. Schwabisch Hall won the European championship the last two years.  They have a very good team. We lost 68- 21. We play them again next week here at home. Not a pleasant thought.  Again our players played hard right to the end. With so few players fatigue is an issue. But life goes on.

On Friday we picked up Larry Edlund at the airport. Today we take Dan Runkle to Frankfort for his trip home. Larry will take over as defensive coordinator. After last night we’re thankful Larry isn’t planning to get on the plane home with Dan. 

On a positive side, we have five games left and four of them are home games. We’ve had some long, long bus rides the last few weeks. Our last home game was June 8th. It’s been awhile. 

1 thought on “The Latest Game

  1. Wow…that really has to hurt, but if you do not have the horses you can not win the Kentucky Derby. You can only do so much and get the BEST out of what you have. I guess that is one thing I learned and I know you know this….in HS you can only take what comes out ….there is no recruiting…unless it is a private HS…ha….hope I did not piss anyone off…ha Hang in there….Boy you went a long time with no home game…interesting schedule. ??? C and K

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