Another Week

This week has gone by so quickly.  Actually they all do. It probably has to do with our age. Tuesdays and Thursdays are almost all football. Monday is usually looking at the film of the previous week in the morning. Because of practices on Tuesday and Thursday those are the most intense football days.

Wednesday this week we drove with Felix to Karlsruhe. Felix was meeting a friend there .  He guided us through the maze of Karlsruhe. It’s all dug up downtown. They are putting in a subway system. That’s an ambitious project!   Al and I were meeting the Schudels. Paul is the reason we’re here. He’s coaching the Stuttgart Scorpians.  He told Al about the job here in Saarbrucken. It was so good to see them. It gave Al a chance to talk to a peer and to compare notes. It was a great lunch. I’m always so glad to see Mary.  

On Wednesday evening we were invited to Heike and Torsten’s. Torsten is the GM for the Hurricanes. They had a BBQ and it was delicious and fun. We loved getting a tour of the house that Heike had done so much work on.  She is talented!  There were so many unique and personal touches. She had really worked hard. It was a relaxing, delightful evening with German friends. 

Yesterday was mostly football.  I met Kaitlin for Girl’s Day for the first time in a month. We went to a few favorite places and got supplies to make sushi. That’s our plan for next week. 

This morning, Friday, we picked up Larry Edlund at the airport in Frankfort. He’s taking Dan’s place. Dan has to get back to work in Dubuque. Larry will coach with Al the rest of the season. Al is incredibly thankful for both of them coming to help.  He’s also thankful that the Hurricanes are willing to fly over more than one coach this year.  

So here we are – already the 9th of August. We have six games in the regular season left. Tomorrow we go to Schwabisch Hall to play. They have a very good team, but we have hope in our hearts.

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