Sunday after the Rothenburg Game

We woke up Sunday morning and had to remember the game.  The losing is painful, but we woke up to a gloriously blue sky, the sun shining over the valley and a festival to look forward to in the afternoon.  So we move on. 

We walked and picked more blackberries.  We took a drive with Dan to go see the stadium where we’ll play our last two home games.  As we drove by the stadium where we play now,  we got into a traffic jam.  We also noticed hundreds, really, of people walking towards ” our” stadium. We saw, really, at least twenty police cars and many, many policemen. We realized there must be a soccer game.  We started laughing because when we play a football game there it’s quite the opposite. So that put it all in perspective. Of course getting crowds like that for football would be the goal. Later we did learn that it was an extra important soccer game. Berlin, level 1, was playing Saarbrucken, Level 3, in a tournament. Well!  Saarbrucken beat Berlin 3-1!!  Way to go Saarbrucken ! We found our new stadium in a town north of here and checked it out. Then we drove looking for a place for lunch and found a cute little cafe out in the country on a small lake. We had beers and brats and enjoyed the ambiance. 

At four, Dan, Al and I went with Ralf and Karin downtown to the Saar Festival. It is a celebration of the Saar River that runs right through Saarbrucken. The Germans know how to have festivals!!  This one had food and drink – so much to choose from. There was music. There were dragon boat races on the river. This was the third day and so many people were there enjoying it. The people watching is first class. It was a lot of fun!

After about three hours we decided to go to a restaurant to get some substantial food.  The Kellers suggested a restaurant not far from where we live. The restaurant is in  Germany, but across the street is France. It was a great place. Bosco, their dog, went with us.  He settled under the table and never moved until we were ready to leave.  Dan walked to France after we ate. It was a wonderful afternoon and evening!

Now it’s Monday morning, so Al is busy at his computer looking at game film and trying to find a way to win this weekend. He never gives up. He spends so much time trying to find a way to win. Sooner or later we hope that will happen. Sooner would be better!

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