Saturday in Rothenburg

Saturday in Rothenburg

It’s sad to say, but Saturday, football didn’t go well for the Canes. It was a long evening. The final score against the Franken Knights was 54 – 28. Their QB who had missed some games was on fire and stopping him was difficult. It was painful. Now we regroup to play the Schwabisch Hall Unicorns. They have a good team. Our team plays hard each game and they never quit. We just hope each week that the game will end with a win.

Kaitlin and I had time to walk to the walled part of Rothenburg. It’s so picture perfect there. It was a treat to go back there for a few hours and I think Kaitlin really liked it too. This house is in the city. The inner city is very old!

3 thoughts on “Saturday in Rothenburg

  1. Hope for a win this week. Playing so hard and not winning has to be difficult for all. Ingie, love the picture. Remember how we both found a print of that same spot while shopping a few years ago? I can see that print right now with my other other pictures of Bavaria. Love the blog and pics….keep sending.

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