A Wednesday Afternoon

Al and Dan have been busy with football, so this afternoon we took a drive north of here. Our main goal was to get off the big roads and be on the back roads.  We stopped in the town of Sankt Wendel at a cafe. One of our very favorite things to do. Then we drove on – Dan was deciding which turns we should take for no real reason. We were in some big hills and we saw a castle up on a hill. We drove up to it and it was great. It was first built in the 1200’s. It burned down twice, but the bones and a tall tower that you can climb to the top are still there. It was a beautiful spot. The castle is Burg Lichtenberg.

After the castle we found a German restaurant in a small town. We could see a restaurant and we went up to it, but it had closed down. Some people sitting in front of their house across the street signaled to Dan that it was closed up. Then we pointed to a restaurant across the street and they emphatically shook their heads and gestured NO.  They pointed on down the street. We walked that direction and tucked back in between some buildings was a great restaurant and Gasthaus with good authentic German food. So our back roads day was complete and we headed home, where Dan beat us both at cards once again.

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