This Past Weekend

We took off again last weekend. The Hurricanes Junior’s Team ( 16 – 19 year olds) was in the German Championship Game!  They were undefeated all season. They won two tournament games to get to the championship against Cologne. The game was incredible!  The Canes were down and came back. They tied it up with about 6 minutes left. Then Cologne scored again. We got the ball back on our two yard line and struggled down the field. But the drive kept going. Finally with a few seconds left and we were right down a few yards from their end zone we ran a play and failed. The Cologne team ran onto the field celebrating!  But there was a flag. We got another chance. We scored!  Now we were down by one. There were some more flags, but when all was said and done we made the two point play and WON!!  What a celebration there was!!  The Juniors were the national champions!  We were all out on the field for a long time. Everyone is still riding high!  What a fantastic game!

So because we were going to Dusseldorf, north of here, for the game on Saturday – Dan, Al and I decided to go to Munster, Germany on Friday.  We stayed there Friday night. On Saturday we explored Munster and saw some castles on the way to Dusseldorf.  Then after the game on Saturday we drove to Maastricht, Netherlands. We explored there on Sunday and then drove home.  All the pictures are from our trip. 

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