This Past Week

This past week besides washing clothes, me, and working on football, Al, we did do some other things. We had promised to take Karin and Ralf to a favorite Greek restaurant for her birthday. Her birthday was long ago, but we finally managed to go on Wednesday. We had such a good time!  

I went downtown on Thursday by myself because Kaitlin and Dan have been in the states for his brother’s wedding. They get back tomorrow. So this week I hope Kaitlin will be able to go too. It definitely wasn’t as fun by myself. I’m missing Deb R. too!  She’s back at home and at work in Dubuque, Iowa. 

1 thought on “This Past Week

  1. We’ve really enjoyed seeing your travel inputs. What a great experience. Keep us posted on the progress of the “Canes”. Did Al recruit any new players for the second session of the season?

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