Sunday Night

It’s been a week at least since I’ve blogged. I took a little vacation from the blog. When we got home from Norway there were so many everyday things to do. We were tired. Al got right back to football. He was ready to go! Now I’m ready to blog again.;

Our trip to Norway was a once in a lifetime experience.  It was constantly beautiful.  It was beautiful in so many ways – of course like the fjords and the mountains rising sharply up to unbelievable heights. The high mountain roads were desolate – rock, snow and barren because we were above the tree line. But there was a different kind of beauty there. People even chose to build cabins way up there.  There were wide valleys without fjords that were awesome. The coast was rocky and rugged. We loved it all. I didn’t always like the roads, but looking back on it, it’s pretty amazing that there were roads in some places at all. Building roads to connect towns took an amazing amount of effort. Every day we rode a ferry at least once.  We went through tunnels all the time. Some were many kilometers long. Some went under the water.  It’s not like driving anywhere else. I WOULD like to speak with someone in the Norwegian government about limiting the size of vehicles allowed on certain roads. When tour buses have to back up to get around a corner on a road, they are too big to be there.  They could use smaller buses is my thought.  The Norwegians were incredibly friendly and helpful.  The younger Norwegians almost always spoke English.  That was so helpful!  We’re so thankful we could go and seeing the family farms and relatives of Al’s are memories for a lifetime!

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