Heading for Home

After our morning at the family farm, we started our drive back to Germany.  We were ready to get home. You can only live out of a suitcase for so long.

We decided to drive home going along the western coast of Sweden. My father was Swedish and we’d never been there. We angled that direction and by supper time we were deciding which road to take out to the coast. We drove to Bovallstrand.  It was such a cute harbor village!  We ate on a dock with a table right by the water and all the sailboats and yachts.  We started looking for a place to stay for the night. Everything was booked. At our third try the owner of a lovely hotel told us everything was booked even down in Gothenburg because of local events.  He told us he needed to find us a room or we would be stranded.  He was such a kind, English speaking Norwegian and he loved that we had just been in Norway. On his third try a place said they had one room left with a 48″ bed. Would we want that?  We said we would!

We had to drive awhile and take a ferry and then we got to Fiskebackskil.  We had to wind our way around and suddenly there was the hotel. It was a series of buildings all on the water. It was beautiful. Our room had doors that opened onto a balcony overlooking the harbor and the sea.  The bed was wide enough and comfortable.

I fell in love with Fiskebackskil. You’ve probably already looked at the pictures. I hope we can go back there. We had a super breakfast there the next morning. Then headed south again.

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