Friday Morning in Hemsedal

On Friday we got to visit the farm of Al’s grandmother , Birgit. She was Al’s dad’s mother. Al’s distant cousin Kirsten lives there now with her family and her mother. Her husband, Jem, is from Scotland and Kirsten spoke English too.  They showed us around the farm. They have cows and sheep. The sheep are at the mountain farm in the summer. Jem and Kirsten raise hay to feed the animals in the winter. They still live in the house where Al’s grandmother grew up.  Kirsten also did crafts and projects with the sheep skins.  It was such a beautiful day!  The view from their farm was amazing.   Their farm is inland and the winters there are long. She said they love that time of year because it’s cozy. They also cross country ski. In the winter Kirsten said the sun comes up about 11:00 and sets about 2:00. There’s still light in the sky but it’s like dusk. We had tea and some delicious cake and some lefse.  Our two favorite days in Norway were the days at the two family farms!

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