Norway Day 9

Yesterday morning Al and I packed up and drove north out of Molde to drive the Atlantic Road.   It was a beautiful drive right along the ocean for the most part. The road is famous for a series of bridges that connect islands to take drivers right along the Atlantic up to Kristiansund.  We first drove to Bud, Norway a small fishing village. Of course it was raining, but near the sea the clouds lifted. The pictures will tell it best.

We headed back to Molde to pick up a few more things that say “Molde” and then we were off. Our next excitement came driving the Trollstigen Road. Although it was still cloudy and raining most of the time, the clouds were high and we were so thankful. We could see a long way. Trollstigen is the top of a mountain that has the tallest vertical cliff face in Europe!  (See we do get out of the car and read information and we read the brochures we pick up.). As we drove along the valley we began to see a road that wove back and forth up the mountain ahead of us.  The next thing we knew we were climbing. The pictures tell the story better than I can. So I won’t say much more. It wasn’t as bad as the drive down the mountain into Geiranger, where the busses inched past each other. They did here too, there just weren’t as many.

We stopped for the night in Stryn. We found an old house/ hotel. The owner was wonderful.  Our room had a balcony with wicker chairs. She cooked us dinner (she cooked for others in the hotel too.). It was delicious. She was gracious and unflappable. She was checking in guests, waitressing and cooking. I hope she had help in the kitchen!

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