Molde, Norway

Being a Molde in Molde was a lot of fun. We stayed in a great hotel right on the water. It was really close to downtown, so we went there right away to walk through the tents set up for the Molde Jazz Festival. We had fun wandering around. We were so excited about getting this year’s poster Jazz festival poster.  We have two already. Well, they don’t make them anymore. That was such a disappointment. We did find some other Molde things though. 

The other sad thing is that it rained the entire time we were there – the whole time!  We still could walk around and explore, but in a country of mountains the clouds really wreck the view. We coped.  We had a great dinner there and enjoyed what we could. We think the rain put a damper on the festival too. Oh well, we were there and that’s the important thing!

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