If It’s Thursday It Must Be Hemsedal

Today we drove from Stryn to Hemsedal. This is the town where Al’s grandmother, Ingmar’s mother grew up. Tomorrow morning we’re meeting a cousin’s husband who will show us her home.  

This town has two really popular ski areas.  So it is a lively place, but I’m sure more so in the winter. Hemsedal is in a wide valley that’s so green and lush. It’s like Vail or Aspen, but not quite as developed. Not so many stores. Like everyplace in Norway the scenery is awesome. 

We have an “apartment” tonight for less than the rooms we’ve stayed in. It’s for skiers but since its the off season it’s not expensive. (That’s the first time I’ve written those words about anything in Norway.). We have a sauna, balcony, fireplace, kitchen, three sleeping spaces. We wish we had someone to share it with. 🙂

It was another day of incredible scenery and sights.  The rain finally stopped by dinner time and the sun managed to come out for awhile.  We were happy!

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