Monday July 15th

We headed to Geiranger, Norway today. It’s at the far end of the Geiranger Fjord – said to be one of the most beautiful in Norway. Unfortunately we had a cloudy, rainy day. We were undeterred.  We drove along and even with the clouds, the mountains we could see, we’re so impressive. The unimpressive part was the road.  I’ve mentioned this before BUT today was the scariest. We were driving down to the fjord – a long way down. The road was narrow and a  constant series of hairpin curves. Coming up the narrow road were tour buses!  There’s barely enough room for two cars to pass.  I get nervous when we meet campers. Now tour buses. So incredibly awful!  Sometimes there were tour buses going down. How they passed I’ll never know. I was so happy when we got to the bottom!

Al, the car and I took a ferry down the fjord. It was so beautiful and so nice for Al to be able to sit back and really enjoy the scenery. The sun even came out a couple times.

Our destination today was Alesund. We’re getting further and further north. We had a hotel booked on a small island, Vigra, about ten miles from Alesund. We found the island, but even with the navi we needed help finding our B&B.  its out of the way!  The island is right on the coast. It’s flatter land than we’ve been around for awhile.  It’s nice to see big sky – even cloudy big sky.

We went into Alesund for dinner.  We’ve been eating fish soup a lot and tonight was the best. If you’re ever in Alesund eat at the Lyst!

No pictures tonight.  The battery on the I phone is low.  Tomorrow I can post some. We’ll be in Molde for the next day and a half. We’ll probably take pictures of each other with every Molde sign we see!

2 thoughts on “Monday July 15th

  1. We were on a tour bus on that road! At one point our driver backed up to make room for another tour bus. The rear end of the bus was hanging out over the edge of the road. We all held our breath in fear when he shifted gears to move forward again. There was no room for us to roll back a bit before gaining traction to move forward. I can still feel the fear, so I am right there with you!

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