We left Balestrand this morning in cloudy drizzly weather. We headed further inland toward Skjak where we have a room tonight. Our drive took us along the edge of the highest national park in Norway.  The mountains are the highest in the northern part of Europe. It was so desolate, especially today with clouds. The clouds did lift by later in the day though.

We stopped in Lom where they had a museum about the park we’d just driven by. We watched a video and saw artifacts they’ve found as the glacier has receded. We enjoyed that a lot.

Then we drove to the Pollfoss  Gjestehus.  It’s so quaint. At our last hotel there was a lot of English being spoken. Here tonight, it’s all Norwegian. We’re in the woods with a sparkly clear, bright blue waterfall right behind the hotel.  The front rooms of the hotel are like a Norwegian history museum. The supper we had was interesting. Tomorrow we drive to Alesund.

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