Friday, Another Amazing Day in Norway

We woke up in Bergen this morning, had a great breakfast at our hotel and headed out. We drove to Flam, which is known for a train ride that takes you very high at a very steep incline. We had planned to ride the  train, but when we got there about 1:30, the next available ride was after 5:00. Instead we hiked on a path that was going to a waterfall high up the mountain. It was a steep, rocky trail. I gave up a with about 15 minutes to go, someone said. But I couldn’t even hear the falls yet. It was exhausting. I got some great pictures from the mountainside. We met a nice lady going back down. It was great exercise. It was hard for Al to quit, but I looked done in, so he did. Thanks Al!

Then we headed for Balestrand, Norway where we are tonight.  Our drive was so fabulous.  The road took us up over some mountains.  We were above the tree line. There was snow in places and the beauty of it was awesome. The pictures just don’t do it justice. People had cabins scattered around in this treeless, but wondrous place. There were some lakes. We were in awe.  Then we started down and the views were spectacular. The pictures again just can’t capture it completely. We had coffee and cake in a small restaurant with a million, no billion dollar view. When we got back down to the fjord, we got on a ferry to ride across to where we are tonight. 

Balestrand is on the Songefjord. It’s the longest, deepest, biggest fjord. It goes inland for over 100 miles. Our hotel overlooks the Songefjord. This is a beautiful, small town on the fjord. We’ll stay here until Sunday. Tomorrow we’re going to relax and rest.  We can look at the boats and the mountains and explore a little. 

We ended our day out on the front patio of the hotel with fresh raspberries (we bought from a little boy waiting for the ferry) and a glass of wine. Two cruise ships went by, the scenery was breathtaking. It was a great day. 

2 thoughts on “Friday, Another Amazing Day in Norway

  1. OMG are we envious! Kiss the mother country earth from me. You will be the talk of JJS. Had great visit here with Peffers and Edlunds last Tues and heard much about life and coaching in Germany. Love the blog. DD

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    • It is amazing here! We thought this weekend was JJS so we kept thinking of all of you together. Now we’ll stop and do that next weekend. We should be in Sweden then. Glad you got together with Pfeffers. It was so fun to have them visit! We’ll give Norway a kiss from you – maybe a rock rather than the dirt! Ingrid

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