Norway – the First Whole Day

Where do we begin?  Most of our conversation yesterday was “Oh, my gosh!”  “Do you believe this?”  “This is unbelievable!”  That’s how the whole day went. I have to say that some of our comments were not because of the scenery, but because of roads we were on.

We drove from Kristiansand up along the coast toward Stavanger. Then we turned inland toward Sauda where Al’s Dad’s family farm was and is. We found ourselves on very narrow winding roads that were wide enough for only one vehicle, but were two lane roads. Often there were sharp turns with rock jutting out and it was with hope and a prayer that we went around the curve hoping someone wasn’t coming fast the other way!  On one road like that we suddenly were face to face with a semi. Al pulled into the side of the cliff as near as he could. The truck drove on by!

We stayed in Sand, Norway last night. We’ll stay here again tonight. We have a great spot at a terrific price. We’re meeting Knut, a second cousin of Al’s dad, in a little while to go see the family farm.

The most difficult part of posting each day will be deciding which of the multitudes of pictures to use. It is an amazingly beautiful country!

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