Thank you Vera and Gottfried

Thank you Vera and Gottfried

On Wednesday Ralf’s parents invited us to their home for the afternoon and evening. His mother, Vera, had baked three fantastic cakes! We had cake and coffee and after awhile they started grilling. We had bratwurst with fresh baguettes. She had three delicious salads. We sat and relaxed and enjoyed the wonderful German hospitality. The men played bocce ball. It was such a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “Thank you Vera and Gottfried

  1. Looks like great fun over the 4th and those three cakes really are something to behold. wow…Must be a bit cooler there also according to everyones dress. We had 26 for 4th dinner and the grandkids since the 30th 0f June…so we are tired. Wed. the Broken Canoe group comes in..we have 56 golfers this year and a total of 72 for breakfast and dinner…ha C and K

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