Our Game Last Night in Marburg

We had a tough game again. We lost 54 -27. Marburg is undefeated and they have a very good team. Our team never gave up and played hard to the end.  Now we’ve played them twice. It’s good to have them behind us. 

Next week we play the Rhine Neckar Bandits on Saturday.  The team is in Mannheim which is about an hour away. We’ll see what happens. 

After next Saturday we have two open weekends.  Al and I are leaving for Norway on Sunday morning for two weeks. We’ve got it all planned out. That will be a nice break. Then we’ll be back and he’ll have a week to prepare to play Stuttgart again. Go Canes!

4 thoughts on “Our Game Last Night in Marburg

  1. Sorry about the Marburg game. They were the team we saw, I believe. And it sounds like they had their quarterback playing again now. Good to look forward and not backward. More fun to come in Norway. Have a great time. We’ll look for pictures and narrative!

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