On Wednesday Runkles, Al and I drove to Trier. It’s about 1 1/2 hours north. It was once the capital of the Roman Empire of Western Europe.  It was founded in 16 BC. That’s old!  There are still Roman ruins to see.  There’s a beautiful cathedral and a shroud that some say was worn by Jesus.

The city is beautiful with so much more than just the Roman ruins. We took a bus tour of the city. We had lunch and looked in the shops. We listened to a woman singing beautifully – an operatic voice. She was great!  Our favorite purchase was from a market stand set up in the square. They were selling a lot of beautiful produce, but we bought cherries. They were so juicy and sweet!

It was a wonderful day. We meandered home.  When we got to Gersweiler – very close to us, we decided to check out a restaurant we drive by all the time. We didn’t go in there, but right behind it was a fabulous Italian restaurant that Deb spotted and scouted out. It’s an old train depot that’s been renovated by an Italian family. It was a great find. We’ve already eaten there twice!:)

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