Our Last Day in Paris

Thursday morning we got up and packed up.  We left our backpacks with the hotel and headed out to make the most of the day.   We found a real deal for breakfast just a few blocks from our hotel. We got a hot drink, baguettes, croissants, butter, jelly and fresh squeezed orange juice for 7.5 € !!  That’s a steal in Paris.  Then we walked to L’Orangerie – a wonderful smaller art museum with all the impressionists and two rooms with eight huge wall murals by Monet of his water lillies.

Next we took the bus to the Latin Quarter which is lively and fun. We found a restaurant with a Plat du jour for 10€. My lunch included salad and creme brûlée. We talked with an interesting couple from New Zealand. We meet so many interesting people on our trips. 

We did some shopping for treasures to take home and eventually headed back to our hotel on the bus. Our taxi ride to the train station was interesting. At one point the cars were literally grid locked. Even when the light changed no one could move. I’m still not sure how it all got untangled. I’m surprised we’re not still sitting in that taxi at that corner. Our driver was a pro and got us to the station. The fast train got us home. 

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