A Day Trip

After we got home from Paris, we had a day before our game on Saturday. Al had worked hard to get all the football prep done. So we took Bonnie and Dave to Burg Eltz. It’s one of the very best castles. One of the luxuries of living in Europe as opposed to just visiting is that we can go to favorite places more than once. We had been to Burg Eltz with Brad in the spring. Now we could drive along the Mosel River with leaves on the grapevines and trees. Everything is so green now!  

We toured this castle again and loved it even more. As we were leaving the castle the count and countess drove in. We had just seen their pictures in a room. She got out and unlatched the chain so he could drive in. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say, “Let’s drive over to our castle for the weekend, Dear.”

After the castle we drove to Beilstein again for dinner. We ate looking out over the Mosel River at the vineyards. It was a good day. We headed home. 

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