Wednesday in Paris

Our morning began with thunderstorms and lots of rain. Our plan was to go to Versailles. It’s not ideal for a rainy, stormy day. We had breakfast so we could sit and consider our options. While we were eating the electricity went out. I also saw when the bill came that I was paying 7 € for my tea. Absurd!  The rain had stopped by the time we were done, so we headed to Versailles as planned. We took a train and the weather cooperated. In fact the lines were shorter than in April. I think the rain was a gift. We toured the palace and the gardens (not completely – they’re big!). We had lunch in a cafeteria. It was as opulent as always and amazing!

We headed back to Paris on the train and decided to go to the cafe we had discovered the night before for drinks. We had drinks and eventually ended up ordering a meat platter. We talked to several people while we were there. It began pouring rain. It was the ideal place to wait out a wet afternoon.

The weather improved and we headed for the Eiffel Tower on the Metro. We got there before dark and again, the lines were so manageable because the rain kept people away. We went up to the second level. We watched as it got dark and the lights came on.  We decided to leave when it started to sprinkle again.

One funny thing happened as we were walking to the Eiffel Tower. Bonnie and Deb had fallen behind because they were taking lots of pictures. Dave and I were up ahead, but he was ahead of me.  A man came up and forced a rose into my hand. I was thinking “whatever.”  Then he ran up to Dave and was pointing back at me. Dave started shaking his head “no”.  So the man came running back to me and grabbed the rose out of my hand. There was a woman working with him. He handed her the flower and they walked on down the sidewalk. When Dave and I looked back to see where the others were we saw Deb asking if he wanted her to take his picture with the woman.  He was vigorously shaking his head NO.  They were not a couple. Deb just wanted to be nice. We laughed.

We found a cafe to sit and watch the lights and to see them twinkle. The rain had stopped. It was all great although Deb and Bonnie ordered ice cream and felt the minuscule amounts they got were ridiculous!  But they got a lot of pictures of the tower.

Then we took the Metro back to the hotel.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday in Paris

    • I’d put money on it that the rose trick was a pick pocket ploy to divert your attention. 🙂 Sounds like you had a good time.

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