On Monday we got home from our trip through Bavaria and to Rothenburg.  Dave, Bonnie, Deb and I immediately got to work arranging for our trip to Paris.  We went to the train station to get tickets on the fast train.  As we were driving home we realized that our tickets were ALL wrong. What a mess.  Ralf called the train office and they said that we could fix it if we got back to the train station office the same day and got the same ticket seller. We hustled downtown and got in under the wire. The woman who had sold us the tickets originally had been crabby. She wasn’t happy when we showed up again with our problem, but she did get it worked out. We got them to go the next morning, Tuesday, and to return on Thursday night. Then we came home to book tickets. Another crisis!  Everything we checked was booked unless we wanted rooms for €1300 euros a night. No thank you!  But we had tickets on the train and we needed rooms. A few desperate hours later Deb and Bonnie pushed a button for express Priceline and we hit the jackpot. We got rooms at the Westin, right by the Louvre for about $250 a night!  It was a wonderful place. The location was ideal, the rooms were so nice and we had robes and slippers. It was fabulous!

Riding the fast train to Paris was great. We left at 8:00 and we were in Paris at 10:00. It was smooth, clean, and comfortable.  Of course we were thrilled when we saw our hotel. It was a stark contrast to the Ibis where Brad, Al and I stayed in April. We paid a lot less for the Ibis, but I’ll take the Westin any day. We couldn’t get into our rooms until the afternoon, so we left our things and went for a bite to eat. We had some crepes. So good. Then we decided to take a bus tour. We were in an open air bus, up on top. It really was interesting and gave us all an overview of the city.  It was sunny and warm, well some thought hot.

After the bus ride we checked in and then headed for the Notre Dame. We figured out the Metro system and were on our way. The cathedral is so impressive and as we were leaving a service was beginning, so we stayed a few minutes to listen to the music and take it all in. Supper was on the Isle Saint Louis.  We gave Dave grief. He had a 15 € cheeseburger. 🙂

Back at the hotel Dave dropped out, but the women found a place for wine tasting. We could chose a small sample, a half a glass or a whole glass. We put 15€ on a card then we’d use the card to get the samples. It was a novel experience. We also discovered a place across the street that we vowed to return to the next night and we did.

1 thought on “Paris

  1. Oh. I want to be there too! Your location is perfect and the price is (I hate to say it) quite reasonable for where you were located. So glad you experienced all of this.

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