On to Rothenburg

From Oberammergau we drove north to Dachau.  Bonnie and Dave took the audio tour.  It is sobering. Al and I read on a bench since we had been through before.  We found a nice place for lunch in Dachau, the town, then headed north again to Rothenburg. 

Rothenburg is an old walled town. It was only partly destroyed during WWII.  That area has been carefully restored. Our hotel was so quaint. We checked in and then got a recommendation for dinner.  See the picture of my delicious food!  We needed to get to the town square by 8:00 (20:00). The Night Watchman does a tour of the town in English. We loved it. See the picture.  We learned a lot too. 

The next morning we had this terrific breakfast. See the picture. 🙂  We walked around town and checked out the many shops. They have a gigantic Christmas store that Bonnie and I wandered through.  After that we walked partly around the city on the wall which was SO interesting. Then we were all ready to head back to Saarbrucken. Al had a meeting and we needed to get our trip to Paris the next day planned. 

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